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Eloise I. Prieto, PhD

The Nanobiology Laboratory (NBL) merges biological research with nanotechnology, using tools like atomic force microscopy (AFM) and fluorescence microscopy to answer biological problems. It is one of the few laboratories in the Philippines that deal with the physical analysis of biological systems.

The primary goal of the laboratory is to gain an understanding of biological systems on the nanoscale by investigating the structures and functions of its components. This understanding can be translated into developments in biocompatible and biomimicking systems, such as in medical devices and bioreactors.

The NBL currently has two major research thrusts: studying the principles behind biological processes such as DNA folding and metastasis, and the development and characterization of materials for biomedical applications. Nanoscale and biochemical characterization of archaeal nucleoid proteins is being undertaken to understand the correlation with DNA dynamics. Work on biocompatible materials and functionalizing modifications for medical and commercial use is also underway.

The laboratory is also collaborating with laboratories form other disciplines like polymer chemistry and materials science in the development of biocompatible materials. Primarily, it deals with analysis of these modified materials via in vitro techniques.